Reporting and accounting

Customer and CRM database

Ridango has specially built customer database, which can be used by operators and agencies. Depending on the country and data protection legislations it provides information on the card issuance, its value and more.

Analysis and intelligence

Ticketing system analysis and intelligence
Ridango has built-in simple information services and manalysis services through its web interface. Quick overviews like daily sales, daily issuance, daily ticket inspections etc is easily obtained through web interface and does not require deep dive into analysis modules.

Extensive analysis module provides more detailed information on journeys, sales in periods etc. Data analysis module allows customers to select their own pre-defined data and generate different reports on different periods of time.  That information can be exported in many file types  such as xls, pdf,  csv etc. 

We have also built dedicated automatic data exchange interfaces with our customer's back engines so that the data is forwarded automatically on pre-defined periods to their databases.

The picture is modified, is example only and does not represent full environment. It is an example of a city card interface for city card operator.

Clearing house services

Fare collection
Clearing and fare collection is always critical while operating transportation ticketing.  Ridango offers clearing house services for single operator as well as clearing house services through centralised data and fare collection for multi-operator environment.

This means that we manage the sales networks and manage different operators and financial relationships between them and provide the information of who credits and debits who how much and in which period.

We also provide paper and driver assisted sale clearing information and overview of how much each vehicle driver needs to clear end of work day. The information is gathered centrally to the the back-end engine and provided to operators real-time.