Open loop contactless bankcard payments (EMV)

Ridango offers EMV contactless bankcard payments ready solution and ticketing validation devices. Ridango contactless validation device is EMVCo L1 approved as PCD. Reference EMVCo Contactless Approved Proximity Coupling Devices - name United Tickets (former name of Ridango).

Ridango has built its ticketing solution account based and online from the very beginning. This allows and enables us to run simultaneously EMV contactless payments and our own closed-loop transit card solution with ease. The latter helps to solve problem with unbanked people - we can still issue our token based transit cards with ease and with minimum costs compared to the full infrastructure needed for conventional transit ticketing systems that require to write information on the card and need dedicated hardware for that.

What is open loop? 
In open payments one common standard is used, usually EMV bank card standard (Europay, Mastercard and Visa) but could also be something else. It means that everybody holding contactless bankcard can pay-as-you-go for fare on the transport vehicle if the system is ready. 
Contactless EMV

How do transit payments and ticketing work? 
Transit payment is 0 value transaction that happens offline. The most common way solution is validation device or gate/turnstile opening device that reads contactless bank cards. 

In simplified process, the transit payment is best fare calculation based PAYG solution. Each tap is read and aggregated and daily, weekly, monthly gapping is made. It is also possible to sell tickets on the contactless bank cards. If contactless debit card is used then there is authorization booking made on the card in a value of potential rides whereas, with credit cards the booking is not usually made and there is granted limit after successful authorization that can be used risk free on transit.

Ridango's solution benefits in contactless bankcard based fare systems:
  • Ridango has its own conactless validation device ready for EMV payments
  • Ridango can run closed loop token and account based solution with the same system and solve problems for unbanked people
  • The solutions enables to sell periodic tickets on bank cards as well
  • The solution is new and without legacy that makes it easier to scale and operate with less costs

Simplified setup for EMV Ridango Contactless Payments:
Simplified setup for EMV

For more information on how contactless transit payments work or on our solution, please contact us.