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Our mission is to simplify public transport through technology. We engage the brightest tech minds to take part in building these intelligent solutions.

If you like challenges and want to make an impact, you should join us.

13 years of innovating public transportation
190+ bright minds
3 global locations

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We put the team first

We strive for a common goal and work hard for it. A dose of daily humor and our great atmosphere gives us endurance on our journey

We are daring

Riders of Ridango dare to create a better future. We’re ambitious and challenge the status quo.

We are systematical

We do the right thing and do it systematically, keep focus on what is essential and strive to understand the big picture and its impact.

We will find a solution

Riders of Ridango get it done, always find solutions, take action and bring results.

Life in Ridango

Career. Reimagined.

Be part of some of the world’s most forward-thinking transit technology projects, shaping the future of smart cities using the latest technologies.


We understand that one size doesn't fit everyone. You can work where and when you feel most comfortable as long as “we get it done”.

Healthy body, healthy mind

In Ridango we contribute to your healthy lifestyle through quarterly sports and healthcare compensation as well as regular health checks. We will also 100% cover the first 2 days of your sickness.

Work-life balance

We revel in what we do, but we also genuinely care about work-life balance. Ridango is rewarded with the Family Friendly Employer Award in Estonia.

Fun stuff

There are no limits when it comes to fun team building activities at Ridango. Once a year, we all gather for Summer Days and every Wednesday you're greeted by the smell of croissants - it´s team breakfast time!

There´s more

Refer the next superstar and be rewarded with a generous bonus. If you decide to bring the next Rider to this world yourself, we will support setting up the nursery or buying a pram with a Child Birth Bonus.