Operations Management

Our comprehensive and intuitive transit management toolset gives you real-time visibility and control over your entire fleet.

Driver Behavior & Vehicle Health

The Operations Management back office collects driver behaviour events and VHMD events sent by the onboard devices over a mobile network or received through API standards communication. The events are triggered by the driver’s behaviour such as speeding, harsh acceleration or braking, swaying, swerving, etc. The VHMD source of information is CAN data pulled from the vehicle.  The application comprehensively reviews the chronological sequence of recorded GPS locations of the bus/events/alerts triggered for a selected vehicle, selected group of vehicles, or all vehicles, based on a user-selected historical time range. 



Collection of all events

Collection of all sensor, route, vehicle health, and driver behaviour events and store them with a full review option.

Map replay terminal

Replay of all drives with events and telemetry data on a second-by-second basis.

Reporting and Analytics

Connection with BI reporting to produce actionable data for drive/route/bus performance.


Identifying issues in the service

Identify problematic drivers, periods, route segments etc. with behaviour evaluation data such as speeding, harsh braking/acceleration, abrupt steering, etc.

Fuel savings and savings on maintenance

Fleet over-performance correction such as saving on fuel, spare parts and maintenance costs with preventive maintenance.

Driver Training

Driver performance monitoring and management for continuous improvement and professional development.

Complaints reduction and resolution

Proof of performance and review of passenger complaints compared to the service performed.


Kyiv, Ukraine

Advanced operations management and accurate real-time predictions.

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Skåne, Sweden

Advanced operations management, accurate real-time predictions and smart passenger information with our solutions.

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Sörmlands Trafiken
Södermanland County, Sweden

Ridango is providing an account-based ticketing system and real-time passenger information solution for Södermanland County.

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Tallinna Transport

Accelerated service transformation, advanced operations management and accurate real-time predictions.

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