Ticketing & Fare Management

Possibility for all passengers to pay for trips in a modern and comfortable way. This means lower setup and operational costs for operators.

Open Loop

Our Open Loop System supports all tokens including cEMV cards and smartphones. Such a system allows the passengers to choose what they will pay for the journey with. When coupled with Account-Based Ticketing (ABT) the passenger is always charged the correct price and is simple to understand.

For the operator, it eliminates the need to operate with cash, sell tickets manually, and other hassles which improve the service and speed up the boarding process.


Fully customizable mobile app

Offering comprehensive functionality, the mobile application is fully customizable and can be branded in accordance with corporate guidelines.

Multiple ways to pay

Users choose and manage payment methods and easily top-up with full wallet functionality, can also set up linked and beneficiary accounts.

Fast & simple ticket validation

Travelers can simply tap and go at stations and onboard using QR Code, NFC, Google Pay and Apply Pay.


Safer transit

Reduce cash handling and minimize personal contact.

Better experience

Seamless ticketing experience reduces wait times and enables the use of the same media in various transport networks. .

On-time performance

Operate to schedule with better flow and faster boarding

Boost revenues

Reduce fare evasion, leakage and cash handling costs.


Tallinna Transport

Accelerated service transformation, advanced operations management and accurate real-time predictions.

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Kyiv, Ukraine

Advanced operations management and accurate real-time predictions.

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Skåne, Sweden

Advanced operations management, accurate real-time predictions and smart passenger information with our solutions.

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Sörmlands Trafiken
Södermanland County, Sweden

Ridango is providing an account-based ticketing system and real-time passenger information solution for Södermanland County.

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