Hardware warranty conditions

Ridango AS warranty conditions for hardware

The following are the warranty conditions of Ridango AS (contact details: https://www.ridango.com/contact, hereinafter referred to as Ridango) which apply to hardware, devices, their parts and other such goods (hereinafter referred to as Goods).

The warranty is valid for the primary recipient of the Goods for 12 (twelve) months as of the delivery of the Goods, unless agreed otherwise.

The warranty does not apply to consumables and parts of the Goods that have become worn to an expected degree during use (e.g. printer accessories and moving parts).

The warranty only concerns material and manufacturing defects and only applies to defects for which the recipient submits a warranty claim within 14 (fourteen) days of discovering the defect. In addition to the warranty claim, the recipient must send the invoice, the purchase order, the document accompanying the Goods or the number of another related document to Ridango and give a detailed description of the defect.

Conditions for validity of warranty:

  • The Goods have been installed according to the installation instructions.
  • Goods that need regular maintenance during the warranty period have received proper maintenance from Ridango or a maintainer authorised by them.
  • The Goods will be delivered to Ridango for inspection upon request.
  • The returned Goods must not be damaged and there must be no extra parts attached to the Goods.
  • The returned Goods must be complete and there can be no missing parts.
  • The returned Goods must be cleaned, specifically in a way that does not make their use dangerous to people or the environment.

The warranty does not apply to expenses related to the disassembly, assembly or transport of defective Goods, losses arising from the defective Goods, loss of earnings or other losses.

The risk of accidental loss of Goods lies with the recipient of the Goods unless the Goods are directly held by Ridango.

The warranty is void in the following cases:

  • The recipient of the Goods has not complied with the agreed terms of payment.
  • The Goods are mechanically damaged (e.g. shock, fall, using incorrect installation techniques, vandalism or improper use).
  • The internal or external parts of the Goods are corroded or oxidised due to liquids or excess moisture.
  • The Goods are damaged due to a higher working voltage or temperature than stated in the specification or due to other external effects that Ridango cannot avoid (e.g. lightning, vehicle electrical system failure or unacceptable temperatures).
  • The Goods have been installed using accessories that do not comply with the specifications or with Ridango’s requirements (e.g. non-compliant cables, connectors and fixings).
  • The Goods are heavily soiled and contain foreign bodies (e.g. printer being clogged or broken due to a foreign body or excessive dust, sand, etc.).
  • The Goods are not complete during repairs or non-compliant accessories (e.g. non-compliant cables, interfaces and fixings) have been used.
  • The Goods have been disassembled, installed, taken apart or repaired by unauthorised persons.

The warranty is immediately terminated if:

  • The Goods are changed or repaired without the authorisation of Ridango AS;
  • The Goods are used for anything other than their intended purpose;
  • The Goods are damaged during incorrect transport or moving;
  • The Goods are damaged due to storing them in incorrect conditions (e.g. subject to a moisture level exceeding that stated in the specifications or under mechanical pressure).