Klaipeda, Lithuania to pioneer contactless payments in public transportation with Ridango technology

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Klaipeda public transport will soon be equipped with a contactless payment solution created by an Estonian technology company Ridango.

The collaboration between Klaipeda Public Transport Authority and Ridango began in October 2017, when Ridango won a public procurement to implement a new ticketing system in the city. Since then, the two parties have been working hand in hand to improve the public transportation system and provide seamless, reliable, and convenient services for commuters in the third-biggest city in Lithuania.

After successful implementation of the account-based ticketing and real-time passenger information system, along with all the necessary hardware for more than 200 buses, the cooperation was extended for another 5 years as a result of a new procurement process.

Klaipeda Transport Authority has always aimed to make using public transport as effortless as possible for commuters. “The switch to ID account-based ticketing in 2017 paid off; it helped us, as a public transport authority, a lot during 2020 (Covid pandemic situation),” said Acting CEO of Klaipeda Transport Authority Andrius Samuilovas.

“It’s essential for us to offer a service that our customers are satisfied with. The possibility of using contactless payments on our vehicles will make it easy to take a bus without thinking about where I can buy a ticket, and hence be especially beneficial for occasional travellers. We are determined to further develop and enhance our public transport in the region and it was a logical step to make travelling even more convenient and seamless for our citizens and tourists through enabling contactless payments, as this is the technology everyone is used to in their everyday life,” he added. 

„Klaipeda Transport was our first customer in Lithuania”, said Business Development Manager of Ridango Argo Verk. “It is only logical that the rollout of Tap’n’Go with contactless bank cards in Lithuanian transit begins in Klaipeda. Local public transport authority and its staff have been extremely forward-looking and eager to make public transport appealing to citizens. I am convinced this will not be the last news about innovation in Klaipeda public transport”.

The contactless payments option will be available in Summer 2023. This initiative marks a significant milestone in the public transportation system of Klaipeda, Lithuania, and reaffirms Ridango and Klaipeda Transport Authority’s commitment to providing a seamless and comfortable experience to commuters.