Ridango’s DV21R Validator: The Advanced Ticketing Solution for Public Transport

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What is the Ridango Self-Service Validator DV21R? 

Ridango’s self-service validator DV21R is an advanced device designed to meet the needs of modern transit systems. It is a part of the Ridango Automated Fare Collection (AFC) system, which provides solutions to streamline public transport ticketing and enhance passenger experience. The DV21R is the latest model in the DV series of validators produced by Ridango, and it is a significant improvement over previous versions, offering benefits to operators and travelers alike. The new model is designed to be more user-friendly, robust, and versatile. 

The DV21R validator is a sleek and modern device that can be installed on buses, trams, and other public transport vehicles. It is designed to read and validate a range of contactless smart cards and mobile tickets, including NFC-enabled bank cards, EMV-compliant smart cards, and QR code-based mobile tickets. The device is also equipped with a 7″ high-resolution color touch screen that provides clear and intuitive instructions to passengers, making it easy to use. 

The DV21R validator is built to withstand the rigors of daily use in a public transport environment. The validator is constructed with high-quality materials that are resistant to wear and tear, and it is IP54-rated for protection against dust and water. The device is also tamper-proof and equipped with anti-fraud measures to prevent ticket tampering and other types of fraudulent activity. 


Key Features of DV21R  

Ridango validator DV21R key features


The DV21R is an excellent choice for transit operators looking to upgrade their ticketing systems, and it is sure to improve the passenger experience.