We organize public transportation all over the world: from Lithuania to Singapore and the Middle-East

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Estonian technology company Ridango has just launched a public transport smart ticket and real-time systems in Vilnius and won new contracts in Singapore and in the Middle East. 

“Our recent major project has been a public transport system in Vilnius, where for over five million euros we developed a modern ticket and real-time fleet management system, which makes the use of public transport much more convenient for travellers in the capital of Lithuania. Ridango’s real-time solution provides public transport operators with information on real-time vehicle location, traffic incidents, driver behaviour, schedule deviations and other route-related data. This allows for a quick response to unforeseen situations and keeps passengers informed of any changes,” explained Erki Lipre, Ridango’s chairman of the board. “Also, we launched a contactless payment solution for public transport in Klaipeda – the first city in Lithuania to implement it.” 

Currently, an average of 346,000 public transport trips are made in Vilnius per day, and Ridango technology is used in nearly 700 vehicles in the Lithuanian capital. The Estonian company installed 2,000 new-generation validators in buses, trams and trolleybuses.  

Ridango´d account-based ticketing system is already in use in eight counties in Sweden and currently making strides towards the Arabian Peninsula. “Ridango’s transit management system was also used at the World Cup in Qatar,” noted Lipre. “We are the leading supplier of public transport technology in the Middle East region. In addition to the electric fleet management project in Qatar, we have created an integrated public transport system for the holy city of Mecca. We have also successfully completed projects in Oman and Kuwait. Soon we will also be able to discuss an important project in the United Arab Emirates.”  

Lipre said that Singapore also just renewed the cooperation agreement with Ridango for several more years. “It is a great achievement for an Estonian company, since Singapore is known as the country with the best public transport in the world,” he added. Ridango has developed an AI-based prediction engine that Singapore has been using for the past ten years, and the contract has now been extended until 2029.